2 thoughts on “CULTURE

  1. Melinda Bargreen says:

    Hello, Sunny, I can’t seem to find a “Contact Me” button on your website, so I hope you may discover this query at some point. I’m a fellow writer for The Norwegian American, and looking at your attractive recipe for Brennsnut, I have a question: you mention “dicing” and “cubing” the various vegetables, but in looking at the photo, there appear to be some pretty good-sized chunks of vegetables around those dumplings. How big should the vegetable chunks be? — about an inch across, or about two inches, etc.? I want to make sure they’re sufficiently sautéed and then cooked. (I will probably add meat, because we are still omnivores in our family.) Thanks!

    • Sunny says:

      Hi Melinda! Thanks for reaching out – I would say your vegetables can safely be 2 inches diced/cubed as the soup gets better the longer you cook it (slow heat), and you still want the vegetables to have some textures and not be mushy. Hope that helps – thanks so much for checking out my article and recipe, I hope you’ll enjoy it! Sunny

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